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Think your residential or commercial locks are enough to keep the bad guys out?  Think again…

Unfortunately, some of the most commonly used locking mechanisms offer little or no protection for the consumer.

We offer simple, relatively low-cost “high security” lock systems that will make a huge difference in the security of your home or business.


Are you aware of the following threats?

“Key Bumping”- attacking us where we should feel our safest

You probably haven’t heard of it, but a new crime trend is growing that attacks us right where we should feel the most secure: at home. “Key Bumping” is a very low-tech crime—that with the help of online websites—takes very little training or practice.  The scariest part is that the bad guys can break into most homes with a set of bump keys bought off the Internet for as little as $30—and leave NO EVIDENCE of entry.

The bad guys know everything about “Key Bumping” and it’s time that you educated yourself, as well.  Take a few minutes to watch some of the recent news reports (on right) and see for yourself exactly what we’re talking about…

The solution: With a high-security Mul-T-Lock cylinder, you have two independent locking mechanisms operated by a single, specially-designed Mul-T-Lock key. Your locks will be practically impossible to pick and no longer vulnerable to the infamous “bump key.”


Unauthorized Key Duplication is Running Rampant

Did you know that there are tens of thousands of places where you can get a key duplicated? How many locksmith shops, hardware stores, malls, and shipping/mailbox stores are there in your neighborhood—and each one of these stores has its own key duplicator.  But how many of these places do you actually trust? Don’t leave your security in their hands! Without a key control system, you cannot be sure who has keys or how many keys have been made for your locks.

The solution: The Mul-T-Lock patented key system offers total key control. The Mul-T-Lock ID Card is given to you with your initial order. Your personal information will be securely kept on file—and only you can request additional keys in the future using your Mul-T-Lock ID Card. Give yourself peace of mind knowing there aren’t any unauthorized keys floating around.

The Old Standby: Forced Entry

Some things never go out of style: even today thieves still often simply force the door in or pry it open. Or they are often just as likely to physically attack the lock by drilling, hammering, wrenching or sawing the bolt.

The solution: To protect from this type of physical attack, we use Mul-T-Lock cylinders along with the Mul-T-Lock ISO9001 Grade 1 Deadbolt, the industry’s highest grade lock. This combination is built to withstand the demands of the toughest commercial applications—and is also highly recommended for residential use. All Mul-T-Lock cylinders are drill-resistant. Features of the ISO9001 deadbolt include:

Solid brass or bronze rotating trim rings.
Solid steel doorframe reinforcer with 3" screws to protect against kick-in attacks.
Bolts are made of a strong steel alloy, containing a hardened steel roller to prevent cutting or sawing.
Steel balls cover mounting screws to protect against drilling.

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